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The Present:

The current racing season brings lots of new challenges to our small company. As we continue to grow we are dedicated to maintaining the same quality and outstanding customer support that has got us here. Please be patient as we are implementing new systems to help speed up our ordering and shipping processes. One thing that won’t be speed up is the amount of time we spend building each shock. Unlike our competitors we specifically build each shock for its intended owner. Shocks are built one at a time to each customer’s specific needs. This type of quality takes time so please plan ahead when ordering your new set of CSI Shocks. We are focused on keeping the same short turn-around time on repairs throughout the season. We will do whatever it takes to assure you have what you need each weekend to win races.


The Beginning:

Competition Suspension was founded in 2009. We saw a big gap in the industry. The level of technology in Indy Car and Nascar was far advanced from what short track teams were receiving. We set out to build reasonably priced quality shocks, utilizing the same technologies we were use to working with in the upper levels of motorsports. We built our first set of CSI Shocks for Nic Faas in April of 2009, he won his first race out. Since that time our philosophy has never changed. Build the best shocks in the industry; we don’t cut corners on anything. Since our inception CSI has become the shock of choice for many of todays top professionals. We have won over 1,000 races and many, track, regional and National Championships around the world.


The Future:

We strive for perfection at CSI.  Each day we continue to dig deeper into new technologies to improve the overall performance of our shock absorbers and components.  Current projects on the “board” for us are a couple of new shocks to our RS lineup, a new adjustable quarter midget shock, and a revised wing sprint car shock package.  Along with these projects we are constantly fine tuning our entire product line to keep our customers a step ahead of the competition.

The Team:

We have a small dedicated staff here at CSI. Everyone is a racer and that’s just how we like it. Quality and customer satisfaction are our main goals. We want to win races as badly as you do, that is why we put in the extra effort to make sure every piece that leaves our factory exceeds our expectations.

Garrett Andrews : Brings a wealth of knowledge to the team. He has been employed as a shock engineer by several top teams in Nascar and Indy Car. His true love is dirt track racing that is why he started CSI back in 2009.  He is constantly burning the mid-night oil at the shop working on the next winning valving combination.

Brent Beauchamp: Has been with CSI since the beginning. Brent handles the majority of the new shock builds. Brent is also a student at IUPUI studying communications and marketing. He is putting his schooling to the good use keeping our website, Facebook and Twitter accounts up to date.

A.J. Hopkins: Has been with us for 3 years now.  A.J. runs the quarter midget department.  He builds all of the qm shocks, and travels to many of the nationals races throughout the year assisting customers.

Jake Argo: Comes to us after spending several seasons as a crew chief on USAC teams.  Jake tackles most of the repairs and assits Garrett with new product development.

Jim LeConte: Has worked in the racing industry the majority of his life.  Jim has a true passion for racing, and has some great stories about spring car racing in the 70′s and 80′s with guys like Doug Wolfgang and Frankie Kerr.  He keeps the shop running smooth by managing our inventory as well as shipping and recieving.

Jonathan Thomas: Grew up in a racing family.  Jonathan puts the finishing touches on the shocks before they go out the door.  He is the main man responsible for keeping our shop in tip top shape.  Jonathan also assemblies shock adjuster cables, inflation tools and other CSI products.

Brees: Keeps us all entertained.  He is our new shop dog, an enormous Golden Doodle named after Garrett’s favorite football player.